Weekly Club Spin

Hi all

We hope that ye are all keeping well. The South-East Road Club committee have decided to commence the weekly club spins on Sunday July 5th. We are allowed to cycle in a group of up to 15 while adhering to government social distancing rules, in the event that more than 15 turn up on the day there will be two groups on the road. As part of the guidelines the club has to book each club spin or event with Cycling Ireland and record each person that attends Club spin for contact tracing purposes. So on a Sunday there will be a roll call and those in attendance will be checked off a list. So, If your interested get in touch for more details. The spin on Sunday 5th July will leave the Fernhill Plaza at 9.30am sharp.The club will be dusting off our “Couch to 50Km” adult beginner spins very shortly, if your interested contact the club on their facebook page or by email sercpro@gmail.com. All levels welcome. “You’ll never know how good it is until you try it”

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