Couch to 50km

You’ve thought about it, haven’t you, watching on with envy as professional-looking cyclists WOossh past you on the roads of Wicklow and beyond, wishing you yourself could get some of that action? Whether you are new to the sport or just looking to get back in the saddle, South East Road Club will be hosting a 6 week Couch to 50Km training programme with registration taking place on Wednesday the 15th of April at Coral Sports Centre, Arklow from 8pm to 9.30pm. It is an ideal opportunity for you and friends to shake off the winter blues and get out into the fresh air and open spaces. For an inexperienced cyclist, starting out can be a scary prospect. This easy-to-follow plan will get you clocking up the Km’s in no time at all. The SERC training programme is open to all (18+), the programme will carefully guide you through the training plan, it is aimed at those who are looking to start or continue cycling for health, fitness, recreation, commuting or to tackle a challenge or charity ride. *We do however recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning a structured training plan.

What is involved?

The programme will start on registration night, on the 15th of April at 8pm at the Coral Sports Centre Arklow. Participants will be given a training plan, advice and a short presentation.

The initial couple of weeks will involve introducing  participants to cycling safety,  cycling techniques and group riding etiquette  while cycling for 20 to 45 minutes. As the programme progresses cyclists will increase their distance in line with their ability. Culminating in a 50k club coffee spin on the final day. 

What equipment do I need?

Most importantly, you will need a reliable and roadworthy bike and cycling helmet. If it is a mountain bike or hybrid, you should consider fitting slick tyres to make riding on the road more efficient and you should carry the essential spares and tools when going for a spin. If you have already got a bike but it has been unloved in the shed for a while, bring it along to our registration night or contact a SERC club member  who will organise  a check over. You might also want to consider some cycling specific clothing, a high viz jacket or vest, a waterproof jacket is a must have for riding around the Emerald Isle and padded shorts are essential for keeping your backside comfortable. You may also consider cycling gloves, Sun glasses, water bottle.

For more information log onto or contact us by emailing your question to we look forward to seeing on April the 15th and bring a friend along, they’ll be glad you did.

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