Gorey 3 Day Road Race

Zaidan and Earls seize the day at Gorey Three Day

Posted on: April 21st, 2019
Jay Earls of South East Road Club on his way to victory in this morning’s short TT at the Gorey Three Day stage race promoted by Irish Road Club (Photos by Sean Rowe)

Jay Earls took victory for South East Road Club in the Sunday morning time trial at the Gorey Three Day in Co Wexford.

However, while Earls was best in the test, Dubliner Darragh Zaidan took the yellow jersey.

The Arcane club man, and track specialist, had claimed 6th on the opening stage yesterday; some six seconds down on winner Logan McLean (Spokes Racing).

Earls had finished in 54th and was 21 seconds down, so 15 seconds down off Zaidan starting out on the TT this morning.

After the test both riders were on the same time overall. So the yellow jersey went to Zaidan on count back going into Sunday afternoon’s race based in Gorey.

April 20-22: Gorey Three Day

Sunday, April 21st: Stage 2 TT, 6.4km

  1. Earls, Jason South East Road 07’00.02″
  2. Gault, Johnny Dunloy CC @08.39″
  3. Smith, Mark Ciclotel Travel @13.26″
  4. Onley, Oscar Spokes Racing T @14.78″
  5. Hudson, Neal Scott Orwell @14.85″
  6. Zaidan, Darragh Arcane CT @14.98″
  7. Lynch, Kevin Newry Wheelers @24.21″
  8. Devine, Matthew Yeates Country @24.31″
  9. Simpson, Jurgen Limerick CC @25.37″
  10. Mort, Vinny Dunloy CC @25.66″
  11. McGregor, Adrian Dunloy CC @26.83″
  12. Foster, Jonny Ciclotel Travel @26.84″
  13. O’Dwyer, Fionn Greenmount CA @27.16″
  14. MacRae, Alexander Ciclotel Travel @27.94″
  15. Rafferty, Aaron Bohermeen CC @28.84″
  16. Cahoon, Ciaran ClannEireann @30.18″
  17. Maclean, Logan Spokes Racing T @30.63″
  18. Fielding, David South Dublin CC @31.27″
  19. Mulholland, Anthony Scott Orwell @31.47″
  20. Noble, Paul Slaney C C @31.63″

General Classification

  1. Zaidan, Darragh Arcane CT 2h38’24”
  2. Earls, Jason South East Road
  3. Hudson, Neal Scott Orwell @01″
  4. Onley, Oscar Spokes Racing Te @04″
  5. Gault, Johnny Dunloy CC @08″
  6. MacRae, Alexander CiclotelTravelF
  7. Maclean, Logan Spokes Racing Te @09″
  8. Mort, Vinny Dunloy CC @19″
  9. Becker, Jerome Velo Club Eckwer @20″
  10. Smith, Mark CiclotelTravelF @22″
  11. Rafferty, Aaron Bohermeen CC
  12. Cahoon, Ciaran ClannEireann @24″
  13. Devine, Matthew Yeates Country
  14. Fielding, David South Dublin CC @25″
  15. Mulholland, Anthony Scott Orwell
  16. Moriarty, Tom O’Leary Stone Ka
  17. Dixon, Ciaran Team Type 1
  18. Grennell, Andre Arcane CT @26″
  19. McGregor, Adrian Dunloy CC
  20. Davitt, Darren Slipstream CC @27″

For full results as supplied by race organisers please follow this link.

Darragh Zaidan made sure he was well up at the finish of the opening stage yesterday at the Gorey Three Day. And when he performed again in the TT on Sunday morning he took the yellow jersey into the afternoon stage in Gorey
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