Ciaran disappears in Gorey

The coast guard helicopter was called out yesterday on the approach to Gorey as Ciaran Furlong disappeared down a crater in the road. Ciaran went straight over the bars hitting the ground heavily ala Jens Voigt. Thankfully only cuts and other abrasions to his Colnago were sustained and Ciaran is ok too, he broke the bikes fall.
Seriously though, Ciaran was very lucky as he was in the group at the time and it could have been a lot worse. In the course of the crash Ciaran sustained bad cuts and bruising and more worringly injuries to his face. Thankfully he was wearing his helmet which cracked in the accident. This again shows the importance of wearing a helmet on all rides even short ones.
All at the club wish Ciaran a speedy recovery so he can get back out on the road.
This incident brings up the timeless arguement about whether helmets should be compulsory on club rides. I would be personally in favour of this and would appreciate feed back from other club members about this issue.

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